Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inaugural Concert & Welcome Dinner

First concert!

Last night, Saturday, May 21, the UGA Chamber Choir was joined by family, friends, and an audience of over 50 attentive Lisbon concertgoers as they performed a program entitled "Songs from the Heart to the Heavens."

Featuring repertoire from the early Renaissance through modern day Jazz and beyond, the choir demonstrated a broad range of musical styles from American, Portuguese, Australian, and Spanish composers. The audience responded to many of these, especially Sarah Hopkins' piece, Past Life Melodies, which features chanting and harmonic overtone singing. Filling the Palacio Foz Hall of Mirrors with eerie overtones elicited several "Bravos!" from our appreciative listeners.

Soloists included James Sewell on When I Fall in Love and Ben Wills on That Lonesome Road. Dr. Martha Thomas accompanied on piano for several songs. Dr. Jean Kidula played conga on Keep Your Lamps. The choir was rewarded with a standing ovation at the end of the performance. An overall memorable first night!
A quintet sang Chili con carne, a jazzy and demanding yet fun a cappella piece which details the recipe for the popular beef chili dish. We also noticed one audience member getting really into the groove with eyes closed and head bobbing.

Welcome dinner and Fado Show at O Forcado!

After the concert, the choir quickly changed and drove over to Bairro Alto, the home district of Fado, a Portuguese folkloric, musical tradition. There the choir had a nice dinner of Bacalao
(cod) and wine, while enjoying several singers and dancers.

After finishing dessert and coffee, most choir members returned, weary eyed, to the hotel to get some rest.

Photos by David Okun and Lauren Hook

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