Friday, May 8, 2009

Rehearsal Schedule!

Hi all -- this is information from Dr. Andaya's email:

Short Rehearsals:

  • May 10, Sunday, 2-5pm -- read straight through music. Please come prepared!
  • May 11, Monday, 10am-12pm -- Sectionals with Claudio

All-Day & Night Rehearsals (MANDATORY):

  • May 22, Friday, 10am-9pm -- with breaks for lunch and dinner
  • May 23, Saturday, 10am-9pm -- with breaks for lunch and dinner. Pre-Tour Concert!

**Please invite your friends and family to our pre-tour concert Saturday night. It would be lovely to share this music with them before we go!**

**We will meet in the Choral Suite unless otherwise directed by Dr. Andaya or Claudio.**

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