Monday, April 27, 2009

UGA 2009 Performance Tour Repertoire

It is an impressive list of repertoire that the UGA Chamber Choir will be presenting on its 2009 Performance Tour to Italy. Ember: As cliche' as this may sound, just looking at this list gives me goosebumps! Each piece has a back story that isn't necessarily known by all, but just imagine how incredible it will be for UGA to sing "Nuper Rosarum Flores" in the Florence Duomo, as this piece was composed for the consecration of the duomo!

Incantato Tours & Concerts presenta

Musica Oltre i Confini
Songs Beyond Borders
Choral concert with selected works from around the world (Italy, Europe, North and South America, Australia & Africa) and from different eras that still speak to us today.

Program to be selected from:

Nuper rosarum flores - Guillaume Dufay (c. 1397-1474)

Missa Virgo Parens Christi - Jacobus Barbireau

Kyrie (d. 1492)


Agnus Dei

Tu es Petrus - Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (c. 1525-1594)

Cantate Domino - Monteverdi

Miserere mei, Deus - Gregorio Allegri (c.1582-1652)

Madrigali: Six “Fire Songs” on Italian Renaissance Poems - Morten Lauridsen

Ov’é lass’il bel viso (b. 1943)

Quando son più lontan

Amor io sento l’alma

Io piango che’l dolore

Luci serene e chiare

Se per havervi, oimé

The Gallant Weaver - James MacMillan (b. 1959)

Jing-a-lye-a - Bruce Sled (b. 1975)

‘In remembrance’ from Requiem - Eleanor Daley (b. 1955)

Past Life Melodies - Sarah Hopkins (b. 1958)

No Musalaba Godenda - Maragoli Spiritual/arr. Arthur Kemoli

La Muerte del Angel - Astor Piazzolla/arr. Néstor Zadoff

Icarus - Ralph Towner/arr. Gary Rosen

When I Fall in Love - Victor Young/arr. Phil Azelton

Daniel, Daniel, Servant of the Lord - Traditional Spiritual/arr. Undine Moore

Ain’a that good news! - William Dawson

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